Shivon Sudesh

The first novel in the Prism of Truth trilogy.
Releasing in August 2014.

Dust did not have the chance to settle on the trapdoor
before it crashed open; a wrinkled brown hand emerged
from its murky depths, succeeded by a head wrapped in a
dark shawl and a torso that bulged under the crone's clothing.

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Shivon Sudesh

The first novel in the Prism of Truth trilogy.
Releasing in August 2014.


Shivon Sudesh - Author

In Book I of this sinister trilogy, we meet Sathi, an 18 year old Indian girl who has lived in the UK for all her life. Already an adolescent of the atypical variety, her life takes a nose-dive off the cliff of normality on the day of her eighteenth birthday - the fateful day she finds out the truth about her mother’s death.

Wolves Within follows Sathi as she undertakes a perilous journey to her foreign mother land in order to avenge her mother. Amidst the beautiful, hilly landscape of Kerala, south-west India, her murky path twists and turns as she meets the wolves, doves and serpents of the world, all guised under the flimsy veil of cordiality.

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Doves in Flight is Book II in the Prism of Truth Trilogy. Stay tuned for more information on this sequel to Wolves Within, or follow Prism of Truth on Facebook


Sepent's Dance is Book III in the Prism of Truth Trilogy. Stay tuned for more information on this conclusion to the trilogy, or follow Prism of Truth on Facebook


BBC News Report...



I got interviewed by the BBC today… All right, not really – though the Year 7 interviewers for the Blackheath High School BBC News Report were certainly professional enough to work for the real BBC! I was honoured and delighted when I was chosen as someone the Year 7s wanted to interview as part of the news report

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From Einstein to Beggars


A lot of the time we are only presented with one version of reality, just one angle of many in the prism that is truth (insert a lot of exaggerated nodding and winking on my behalf here). Whether that information comes from newspapers, blogs or even Facebook posts the viewpoint of the writer had an immense influence on their presentation of a story…

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John Roan Book Day



So it looks like I’m becoming a permanent member of the John Roan community – yup, their lovely Literacy Co-ordinator Angie Smith invited Roshin and me again to spend a day with the Year 9 students during their Book Week last week. As before, I was delighted by the intelligent and insightful questions I was asked after the talk.

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About Shivon

Shivon Sudesh Story Writer

Shivon Sudesh is a student at King’s College London, reading BA English Language and Literature. She lives in London, but she was born and brought up for about half of her childhood in Kerala, India. Apart from some badly scribbled short stories at a young age, Shivon never wrote a line more than she had to – the idea of writing fiction was no more than a half-formed thought lounging somewhere at the back of her mind, a remote possibility for the (very) distant future. When she at last began to give it some serious thought, Shivon encountered a severe problem: she didn’t have a story to write about. As she could see no way around this rather discouraging issue, she packed up her rudimentary notes on novel-writing and almost forgot about it. Almost.

No one was more surprised than Shivon herself when, some six months later (on New Year’s Day, 2013, in fact), she found herself abruptly, furiously, obsessively penning Sathi’s story to life. And thus Wolves Within was born…

Contact Shivon here: shivon21@gmail.com

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"One thing I cannot help but comment on is young Shivon's glorious writing style - she is all there with her characters listening, talking, moving and feeling with them. Every single line of hers is a joy to read. I must confess this is the second author who has made me read every line - the first of course is Enid Blyton. Shivon has bravely tackled 'Kaivasham' - a very difficult controversial subject, which though well documented in ancient Ayurvedic literature is still spoken of in hushed terms in Kerala - of its disastrous effects on others when one loses control of the silent unseen wolves within. I wish her all the best."

Dr Sudeshni Chellayan, Thiruvananthapuram

"'Wolves Within' is the story of a motherless girl and her perilous journey to avenge the death of her mother. Suspense and mystery of the saga and the determined struggle of a curious young girl are fascinating and inspiring at the same time. But the story of Sathi is not the story of one girl seeking justice. It is the story of the harsh realities of our lives and our society; the story of jealousy, rage and ambition; the story of sincere love and unlimited suffering; the story of merciless wolves and innocent sheep. We face and experience this struggle in our daily lives. This injustice occurs every day to us and to people around us but we don’t talk about it. We resent it for a while and then ignore it silently. Shivon, through her work, has chosen a different path. The work of Shivon is more than a storytelling exercise. It is an act of rebellion against the hypocritical silence and collective insensitivity of our society to injustice and cruelty. It is a protest against our dishonesty to each other as fellow human beings. It is a rebellion against this suffocating status quo and I congratulate her for this noble rebellion!”

Dr Faraz Kakar, Quetta

"Amazingly written. Ingenious narrative that tells of the deepening mystery in Sathi's life. A compulsive page tuner. Can't believe this was written by a 19 year old. Shivon has a great future in the world of letters. I am waiting to read the rest of the trilogy..."

Meena Ramesh, Thiruvananthapuram

"It was gripping. Shivon is gifted with the art of writing. The way she narrates the small details wa – beautiful. And as a youngster her expressions of youngster's thoughts are really good. Looking forward to reading the next two."

Sanjeev Jaikumar, Ernakulam

"A pleasing blend of detective/mystery, would-be romance between Sathi and Zakiy (look out for the next instalment!), and extensive cultural exploration, all conveyed with ease and authority, infused with a strong sense of the author's personality. The thematic content of much recent teen lit is quite sophisticated, so Wolves Within is up with the times: I find that youngsters really go for philosophical enquiry when it's presented in an engaging and intelligible way, as is the case with this novel!"

Steve Parsons, London

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