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Blackheath High School, London,  where I studied from Year 6 to 13, offered me an opportunity to talk to their Year 7 students as an author, about ‘Wolves Within’. The girls were an absolutely lovely audience, and still loved Enid Blyton and JK Rowling, which was good to see! Thank you so much to Mrs Lyndsay Lardner for organising this visit and the girls for being so wonderful and enthusiastic! I had so many questions like when the next books are going to be released, whether it was going to be made into a movie etc. as well as suggestions about making it into a series of animated episodes (I have already employed one of the Yr 7s as the manager of this particular endeavour – you know who you are!). Thanks in particular to those who asked about the next two books before you’d even read the first – I can’t express how thrilling it was to hear that. Hopefully I’ll be returning for the next two books, and will get to see everyone again.

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