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Join us on the 1st of November 2014 to celebrate the release of Wolves Within, Book I of my Prism of Truth trilogy. This celebratory event will include a Book Reading and Book Signing, as well as speeches from Mr Steve Parsons, Assistant Headteacher, and Mrs Kate Elliott, Head of Sixth Form at Blackheath High School, London.

The event will be held at 4.30 pm on Saturday the 1st of November 2014 at the Henrietta Raphael Function room at Guy’s Campus, King’s College London.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!



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Book Launch of WOLVES WITHIN

The first novel in my Prism of Truth trilogy, Wolves Within, was released on the 28th August 2014, at 5 pm at Thiruvananthapuram Press Club, Kerala, India. The book was presented by notable philanthropists Mr KK Cherian and Mrs Marykutty Cherian, who is also the principal of Lourdes Mount Public School, and received by Rev. Bro. Giles Thekkemury, provincial of the Franciscan Brothers.

Mr KK Cherian, Mrs Marykutty Cherian, Dr KAH Mirza, Dr Roshin Sudesh and Mr MS Shaji Mohan gave speeches reflecting on Wolves Within, and their kind words and efforts to make the event a success are very much appreciated by me. I want to thank everyone who came and made the day so special and those who were unable to come but sent loving messages that made their presence known nevertheless. Thank you!

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Photos by Sreerag S J of Sreeragam Photography

Photos by Sreerag S J of Sreeragam Photography

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The Malevolent-ish Hand

Burgundy drapes hung rich and heavy, a rich wine encrusted with gold-edged leaves. They framed the twilight sky, the creamy moon transparent in its beauty as it clung to the clouds.

‘RIGHT THERE!! Don’t move, hold it right there!’

The shriek pierced the languid air, and like a dart dipped in curare, instantly paralysed the model where she stood, her arm raised, her fist hunched, hovering near the single bright bulb.

A frenzied flash of clicks sounded as the photographer lurched backwards in the enclosed place, quickly snapping picture after picture with the camera pressed up close and personal against her face. She peered out around the camera after a moment and gazed intently at the hand backlit by the soft yellow light of the bulb.

‘Curl your little finger a bit more, please.’ The model obliged, but was interrupted: ‘No, not that much! Back a bit, a tiny bit more… There, that’s perfect.’ The photographer disappeared behind her camera again, absent-mindedly muttering, ‘Yes, your hand will do perfectly. It is truly malevolent-ish.’


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