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    Hello… and Leglessness (surely that’s too many s’s?)



    Hello everyone. I have news – I’ve decided to stop being a slob in my blogging and start writing posts on a regular basis. (Someone please go and start a stopwatch to see how long I’ll last.) In the spirit of the blog name “Shivon Sudesh the Random” I will, indeed, be sharing the odd things that sometimes go through my head – and will occasionally even make sense to you readers. So please read on for some randomness…


    If you’ve ever been to Kerala (south-west India and the setting of ‘Wolves Within’) you may have seen a queue that stretches across several streets and wondered at the reason for it. Unlike anything you might have encountered before, though, this queue wouldn’t be for Boxing Day sales or for the newest ride at Alton Towers.

    Instead, it would be for alcohol.

    The average Keralyte’s hands start shaking from withdrawal as early as 7 o’clock in the morning, which consequently means that you can see these queues begin to form as early as 7.30. And when the sun starts its descent and bids farewell to the earth, these men (because face it, it’s mostly men) also bid farewell to that which separates a human from an animal.

    Psychologists have named that elusive something the “loss of higher cognitive function”; something that can be a source of amusement and/or annoyance when your friend is drunk and you have the responsibility of making sure that they make it home safely, but in a different context can have much more sinister implications.

    People lie on the side of the road, waiting to get trampled over by a passing lorry. They go home to their family and literally put their spouse and children through hell. They wake up the next morning with absolutely no idea or concern about the harm they’ve caused themselves and their loved ones. If we go by the portrayals in the movies, Malayalis drink when they are happy, drink when they are sad and then, just for luck, drink when they’re bored. And I don’t mean sipping a social drink, but gulping down entire bottles of alcohol in a matter of minutes.

    That concludes my rant for today, but it does make me wonder what it says about the future of Kerala. My parents – ace psychiatrists that they are – often say that people who are rolling around in the road drunk or shouting at their wives and children should be videoed and then showed the video when they are sober again. Who knows, maybe the drastic difference in their behaviour drunk and sober might give them a moment’s pause the next time they’re about to hit the bottle.

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